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Horse Women vs Gamer Dude

What is it with horse women? Many guys say they’re an incredible bang but are also some of the most mentally unstable.

I think men and women have specific roles and responsibilities. Both are hardwired to receive emotional fulfillment and a sense of pleasure in achieving these.

Men receive this from accomplishing and leading.

Women receive this from nurturing and submitting.

Take a look at how a child plays with toys to get an idea of the difference in male and female gender characteristics.

If a man wanted to fill his sense of accomplishment but he wanted it as cheap as possible, where would he turn?
Video games.

People see video games as an outlet. I’m considering them an inlet. An inlet of cheap accomplishment. Fake accomplishment. When someone finishes hours of hard core gaming, they feel accomplishment. How could you not? You just spent 3 hours battling against an enemy and now you’ve won! You did it! Men are hardwired to go and do things, achieve things, set goals, work together, get up early, work late. The problem is this requires effort. The way in which a man avoids responsibilities but still fills that gap is to play games where he gets the mental reward but bypasses the responsibility of doing actual work that may have an element of risk to it.

Similarly, women are built to nurture and love. If you wanted to exploit this such as the gamer, what would require your maximum care and attention? A damn horse. Horses are the largest stupidest animal you can own. Cheap to buy and horrendously expensive to keep. They are dumb and therefore don’t require any intellectual effort of the women leaving only her emotions in play. They are huge so require endless care. They need constant attention – if not directed at the horse, it’s to its food, clothes, masseuse, blacksmith, vet etc. The perfect way for a woman to fill her emotional gap while simultaneously avoiding the actual responsibility of her calling.

Mucking round with horses ultimately leaves them unfulfilled because they are following a fake happiness. They may as well be cat ladies with more budget and room.

Further – You can’t submit to a horse. Do women also like being in control of such a mass of muscle?


Thank me when you’re famous

Average Human Life in Weeks




I start this blog initially to comment and commune with others rather than post.

I’m semi familiar with blogging and have previously racked up around 150 posts on my other blog which I’ve grown out (and up) of. A typical “look at me” blog I haven’t posted on for a long time.

I’m looking forward to posting anonymously although have no idea what I’ll say. I think the best bet for now (being early 20′s) is to just listen out for that ring of truth.