Information ad infinitum

The wealth of online information is both a blessing and a curse. Humans have a drive to gain knowledge like we have a drive to eat. If you spend too much time eating you get fat. If you spend too much time consuming information what happens?

Nothing happens.

You’ll sit at your computer and get fat.
I know, its happened to me while I studied.

Information only has value to your life if there’s an action associated with it. Information devoid of action is useless.

I recently closed my Facebook account to avoid distraction while I finished my degree. I thought it was a big deal and I thought I would miss it.

You can become addicted to information. Information these days is cheap.

There is information worth knowing and information that isn’t. Consuming hours of sterile information like a Facebook news feed is the intellectual version of eating a whole bag of Doritos.

99% of information you get from social media is useless. Do you remember what you read on your news feed yesterday? Or was it just filling a hole.

If you learn something, but never execute on it, it only exists in your head – it doesn’t actually exist in the tangible world. If you went every day of your life learning but never doing, you would end up with nothing.

I’ve just spent 6 years at university. That will all be a waste if I don’t start doing. Which is a whole lot harder.

It’s far too easy to sit at a computer and pretend cheap information has value.


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